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FTR-T11 Floor standing single Y single Z automatic locking platform

1. An automatic locking platform customized for non-standard special products, with stronger functionality;
2. The volume is relatively large, according to the characteristics of customer screws and customer requirements for the product;
3. Manually place the product on the fixture. First, fully automatically screw the upper screw, and the screws on the same side can be different in height. Then, the machine automatically flips the product and automatically screws the lower screw;
Consultation hotline:180-3340-7391

Product Introduction

Product parameters

Number of operators: 1

Control unit: PLC

Applicable screws: M1.0-M6.0

Number of locks: 50

Weight: 300kg

Number of workstations: 1 PCS

Power: 400W

Operating area: protective type

Operation interface: touch screen

Number of electric batch machines: 1 PCS

Number of feeders: 1 PCS

Material collection method: vacuum suction/blowing type

Defect rate: below 0.1%

Accuracy: ± 0.02mm

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Efficiency: 1.0-1.5S/piece

Electric screwdriver torque: selected according to screws

Alarm items: floating height, sliding teeth, missing locks

External dimensions: 700 * 760 * 1700mm

Product size: 220 * 60 * 30mm

Air source: 0.4-0.8MPA/oil free drying

Speed: X/Y/Z 800/800/800mm/s

Power: stepper motor (servo motor needs to be customized)

Transmission method: precision synchronous belt (ball screw needs to be customized)

Operation mode: forward placement, forward retrieval, can lock both front and back positions

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