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FTR-TK22-K Dual Y Dual Z Back-to-Back Automatic Locking Platform

1. The air suction screw is used in conjunction with a rotary feeder for better results;
2. Fully automated operation, saving time, labor, cost, and automatic screwing;
3. Suitable conventional products include mobile phones, electronic products, toy products, cameras, and digital products;
4. It can operate two workstations simultaneously, one or two types of screws, with faster speed and higher efficiency;
5. On a product, the height of the screw holes for screwing on the same side can vary depending on the product.
Consultation hotline:180-3340-7391

Product Introduction

Product parameters

Number of operators: 1

Control unit: PLC

Number of locks: 50

Weight: 200kg

Model: Table mounted

Operating area: protective type

Power: 500W

Number of electric batch machines: 1 PCS

Number of workstations: 1 PCS

Number of feeders: 2PCS

Accuracy: ± 0.05

Operation interface: touch screen

Material collection method: vacuum suction/blowing type

Data communication: USB port

Applicable screw specifications: M1.0-M6.0

Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz

Efficiency: 1.0-1.5S/piece

Defect rate: below 0.1%

Electric screwdriver torque: selected according to screws

Alarm items: floating height, sliding teeth, missing locks

External dimensions: 890 * 950 * 870mm

Applicable product size: 550 * 550 * 200mm

Air source: 0.4-0.8MPA/oil free drying

Speed: X/Y/Z 800/800/800mm/s

Power: stepper motor (servo motor needs to be customized)

Transmission method: precision synchronous belt (ball screw needs to be customized)

Operation mode: front placement, front pressing, rear robotic arm

Automatic cutting


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